African Folktales Festival 2021

Sat Oct 2, 14:00 - Fri Nov 19, 17:00
The Masque Theatre


Jungle would like to invite you to their shows taking place at the Masque Theatre over the next few month.·The festival is bundled with a workshop after each performance whereby the young audience is invited to enact parts of the show through creative expression.

Show dates & descriptions:

Sat 2 Oct: Dassie’s Tale, best suited for Foundation phase, is an isiXhosa folktale, is set in ancient times when the earth was created. All the animals embarked on the journey to share their talents. However, Dassie was too lazy to make the effort and learnt an important lesson about working hard and being honest. The performance involves beautiful songs, expressive dance, isiXhosa, and English language.

Fri 29 Oct: River Of Life, best suited for Intermediate phase, is an African fairy tale about a rural tribe and a special princess, who live by a beautiful river full of magical creatures. A glittering dancing trader comes from the city to sell the villagers strange items that cause problems for the river. The princess finds the courage to travel a path alone. She faces a hot dry desert, a teaming jungle and climbs the tallest mountain, all to save the life of the river and her village.

Fri 19 Nov: Mantis and the Bee, best suited for Intermediate phase, is a San bushman folktale. The story is set long ago before the earth was formed and long before the first human walked the earth. It explores San mythology and the origin of life on earth. The performance uses movement, music, masks, and puppetry.


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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


African Folktales Festival 2021
The Masque Theatre
37 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7950
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