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“Your reality is based on the options you give yourself DREAM BIGGER “The world says you dream to big; I say they think too small. I’m stepping out of all the things i could do, should do and decided to do what I was made to do. I’m daring to follow the passion that has been within me since little girl. I’m following the burning passion to work with one of the greatest animals the Horse. I look forward to cultivating, trimming and maturing that dream (or only the start) with Rec Academy. I not only Dream to achieve, I dream to change. Change a community. Change an economy. Change the life of Animals. I’m going to start a Fire, a fire of change. 

The costs needed to attend REC is needed to cover the following:

  1. Study Material
  2. Equipment
  3. All Horse-riding Gear
  4. Food and Accommodation
  5. Course Fees for the year


REC Equestrian Academy offers full-time and online SETA accredited skills programmes and offer training for the EQASA Certificate (external). The skills programmes are designed for horse lovers and are aimed at providing a specialised education for those who wish to make a career working with horses. The courses have grown out of a demand by young people for a facility where they can spend time learning about the care and keep of horses. They are given the opportunity to develop their riding skills to the level they are capable of.


The syllabus is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge and skills to sit for CATHSSETA and AGRISETA endorsed assessments at REC, as well as the EQASA assessments.

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