St David's Prep - RAFIKI Production

Fri Oct 1, 17:00 - Sun Oct 3, 23:00
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The magic of Africa and the lessons of the great circles of life come alive in this adaptation of a famous classic. Enjoy the innovativeness of Merle Kantor and her creative team as every animal on the African plain is featured in costume, mask and dance. Applaud and celebrate the boys as they conjure dramatic magic with their characters. This show is a glorious re-imagining of the traditional school production: the school hall was turned into a film set, and our boys played the consummate film stars as they did take after take with great artistic commitment. What an experience and what an achievement! 

Food packs are to be collected from St David’s on the 1st of October.

Sales for food packs will close on the 20th of September at 21h00.

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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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