OTASA Webinar: Low Vision - What OTs Should Know and Do - 21 September 2021

Tue Sep 21, 18:30 - Tue Sep 21, 20:00


Low Vision Through the Lens of Macular Degeneration or Diabetic Retinopathy: What OTs Should Know and Do

Presented by Karen Denton, Claudette Medefindt, Victoria Musimbu, Belinda Leibowitz

How do patients with retinal vision loss cope with life, work and social engagements?

What are their realties in the health system and how do OTs make a difference?

This webinar gives insight to the high-tech, low-tech and common sense solutions to living with vision loss and the impact of COVID with the low vision client.

CPD: 1 CEU has been approved by AOCP001

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