For the Love of Beagles - South Africa - Virtual Walk-a-thon

Fri Nov 26, 19:00 - Sun Nov 28, 21:00


Join us for a virtual Beagle Walk-a-thon!

Buy or sponsor a ticket, organise a group walk, get the neighbourhood involved in aid of the Beagles we love so much! If you don't feel like walking, consider a donation. 2 NPO's - together as 1 organisations all networking to ensure that every Beagle that crosses our path gets the love and care that is deserved.

Grace Animal Sanctuary 170-288 NPO

Beagle in Mind 175-622 NPO

Together as BRAG (A Grace Animal Sanctuary & Beagle in Mind collaboration)

Even if you don't WALK you can still participate. We will be live on the BRAG page over the course of the two days - come say hello!

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