Self-Mastery & Conscious Breathwork

Wed Sep 15, 18:30 - Wed Sep 15, 20:00


Connect with the tranquil flow of your authentic nature.

When you own your breath nobody can steal your peace.

Self-Mastery theme for the week: Transforming self-sabotaging behaviour (Wednesday 15th September):

One way to empower ourselves and our choices is through the awareness that all our dysfunctional, self-sabotaging patterns and choices actually have positive intentions to serve us in some way. (This has been researched). When we identify the underlying positive intention we can change the dysfunctional choices to meet the same intention in a more positive way.

Each weekly masterclass is approximately 90 minutes long with the following format:

  • Theme discussion (Understanding the concept)
  • A process (Applying the concept)
  • Conscious breathwork (Transformation)
  • Homework recommendation (Changing habits)

A new theme to support self-mastery will be introduced each week.

PLEASE NOTE: These masterclasses are not suitable for first time breathers because we will not be covering the foundation of conscious breathwork which is essential if you haven't done this before. If you haven't done conscious breathwork and would like to join a masterclass please watch the introduction to breathwork here:

The breathwork experience:

Through a safely guided journey of strong, connected breathing we access higher states of conscious awareness, while releasing physical and emotional toxins and tension from the body. We boost our vitality and harness greater creative potential while inviting deep healing, peace, joy and abundance into lives.

Breathers lie on mats, eyes closed, following a rhythm of strong connected breathing for up to 60 minutes, guided by supportive ‘journey’ music. The breathwork typically works through two phases:

Phase 1:

For a period of approximately 10 - 15 minutes (this period varies) some effort is required to push through a layer of surface resistance and heightened physical awareness. 

Phase 2:

The strong connected breathing rhythm which initially felt like effort for those first few minutes now becomes effortless. It feels like the breath is breathing you. This is the phase during which a breather begins to experience a profound inner journey with visions and insights while inviting deep healing and the release of suppressed emotions and low vibration energies.

Benefits of conscious breathwork include:

  • Release of physical tension and stress
  • Increased energy levels, stamina and optimism
  • Enhanced clarity, creativity and cognitive ability
  • Reduction in pain and inflammation
  • Physical detox – 70% of our toxins are released through the breath
  • Alkalizing the body and strengthening the immune system
  • Improved cellular regeneration
  • Improved blood flow and digestion
  • Healthier lungs and heart
  • Quality of rest
  • Enhanced intuition 
  • Releasing old traumas, limiting beliefs and deeper emotional and mental patterns suppressed within the subconscious

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What you need for the breathwork masterclass:

  • A ticket with the zoom access link.
  • Stable internet connection and earphones (speaker is optional but reduces sound quality).
  • A comfortable, quiet space to lie down and a warm blanket (Breathwork impacts body temperature). 
  • Paper and pen for process work and personal notes.
  • Drinking water for after the session.

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