Thu Oct 28, 10:00 - Thu Nov 11, 13:00


Real Estate Investor (REI) and Rode and Associates (Rode) are hosting their second joint VIRTUAL PROPERTY FORUM in an interactive 3-part virtual series on Thursday, 28 October, 4 November and 11 November 2021. Rode & Associates, (and recently together with REI since 2012) have hosted multiple joint live property conferences in every major SA city from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Pretoria to Windhoek for more than 30 years. 

Join Real Estate Investor and Rode & Associates along with leading experts in economy, business and real estate on sharing cutting-edge insights, information and advice on the latest state and future of SA’s economy, commercial and residential property markets, future trends and prospects, investment and advice from thought leading economists, business, commercial and residential property experts.

Proudly brought to you by REI on a brand new virtual 3D platform, Neale Petersen, founder & editor-in-chief of REI, a 14-year real estate magazine, digital content and virtual event platform will be the MC for the conference. Erwin Rode, CEO and co-host of Rode & Associates, a 33-year old firm specialising in real estate economics, property valuations, property research and consulting, will share the research and findings of the latest 2021 Rode Property Report detailing future prospects for real estate and investment in South Africa.

REI RODE PROPERTY INVESTMENT VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2021 3-Part Series takes place on the following dates:

Series Part 1: The Current State of the South African Economy

Future predictions of a decimated economy after global pandemic, inept government, corruption, unrest bordering on civil war, looting and massive unemployment.

Thursday, 28 OCTOBER 2021 @10h00 – 13h00

Series Part 2:  The South African Commercial Property Market

The state and future of the commercial office, retail and industrial sectors after pandemic and economic mayhem.

Thursday, 4 NOVEMBER 2021 @ 10h00 – 13h00

Series Part 3: The South African Residential Property Sector

The future prospects and expectations for the market in the current erratic economic environment.

Thursday, 11 NOVEMBER 2021 @ 10h00 - 13h00


  • Access to over 20 hours live and on-demand Content featuring over 14 speakers
  • Live Q and A with speakers and panelists
  • Network with delegates and speakers in a virtual environment and meet in a virtual environment 
  • Virtual Expo Stands where you can meet, connect and engage with sponsors, companies, speakers and delegates in a private virtual environment
  • Interact with keynote speakers and speakers in a virtual environment that mimics a real-life event
  • Schedule meetings in groups or one-on-one meetings and calls with delegates, speakers and sponsors


  • Find out how to navigate a decimated SA economy with massive unemployment, a global pandemic, bloated with an incompetent civil service and unrest bordering on civil war.
  • Insights from leaders on economic prospects and property market data
  • The impact that the Covid-19 pandemic and recent unrest had on the various property sectors
  • Latest Rode report on the state of the SA property market and what the predictions for the future look like
  • The impact of expropriation without compensation policy on the future of property investments in South Africa if implemented
  • How the property sectors and asset classes compare now 
  • How to restructure your portfolios, invest in technology, business and property going forward.
  • The big rental collapse caused by the pandemic, understanding property supply and demand and what it all means
  • Updates on capitalisation rates, rental levels and expected yields

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Age restriction Family friendly
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