MONDAY - Holistic Healing Huddle (Health, Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Session)

Mon Sep 13, 17:30 - Mon Sep 20, 20:00
Kaleidoscope Studio, Health Oasis


A personalized class in a private secure setting for only 10 people at any fitness Level.

Kaleidoscope Studio is beautiful private property with secure parking and peaceful garden.

Ideal for beginners that want help with getting into shape and looking after their health in a holistic manner.

Improve you HEART SET, MIND SET & SOUL SET - HOLISTIC HEALING in a community gathering or "Huddle"

• Receive a FREE Wellness Evaluation

• Sample Healthy Nutritious Products

• Enjoy 10 Minute Yoga Beginner Session

• Mindful Cool down Stretching

• Get your body moving with a 20 Minute Workout

(Workouts will vary to improve your skills, fitness level and avoid any boredom such as HITT, Strength, Elastic Bands)

• Give your body much needed Self Love with some Self Healing Reiki

• Calm your mind and learn to cope with a 10 Minute Guided Meditation

• Interact with community and friends by sharing your experience and Journaling time

(Journals, Nutritional Products and Sports Equipment will be on sale)

Classes are FREE - class includes all of the above.

Wellness Evaluation are FREE - Track your Body Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water, Bone, Visceral Fat & Metabolic Age

Sample tasting of nutritional products will be available for new visitors OR make your own nutritional meal to your liking (products will be on sale and vary in pricing) and purchase nutritional energy drinks and more as part of the NUTRITION CLUB.


Everything you need for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and there is no need to do it alone..

(Moms you are welcome to bring kids along to play safely in the garden while we enjoy our workout and Self Love Time)

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


MONDAY - Holistic Healing Huddle (Health, Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Session)
Kaleidoscope Studio, Health Oasis
57 Assagay Rd, Assagay, Outer West Durban, 3624
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