Send Thandi to the Youth World Cup!


Dear friends,

Thandi Fudu has been selected to represent South Africa on the National Youth Rock Climbing Team! It is a huge honor and achievement that in just two years in the sport she has managed to come in first in her Province and then make the National Team after the National Championships this year! It has left us very little time to now fund-raise to send her with the team to the World Cup. We need all her well-wishers to give what they can to make this happen!

Her flights are sponsored by family which is 30% of the cost, but she also has to contribute to the coach's expenses, food and accommodation for two weeks. This means we need to still raise about R50,000 before the 15th of August!

Please help by making a generous donation and sharing this fundraising campaign with friends who have resources to help young athletes. It is unfortunate, but the South African government does not have a budget to send our athletes to World Tournaments, competitions or the Olympics. Please help her. She has worked so hard and deserves our help!

Your support is deeply appreciated. She will be posting updates on Insta at You can also get up dates from her mom via facebook at hailey merrill-fudu

Thank you again.

With much gratitude,

Hailey & Malibongwe Fudu

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