The Heart of Reality - How to Rely upon a Spiritual Guide

Sun Sep 26, 10:30 - Sun Sep 26, 11:30
At VKBC or Zoom Online


The Heart of Reality - Sunday 26th September 2021 with Gen Mila

Topic: How to Rely upon a Spiritual Guide

In the stages of the path to enlightenment “superior seeing “ refers to a profound wisdom that sees the way things really are. In this class we will explore Buddha's teachings on this topic. 

Subtle mistaken appearance is our perception of all the things we normally see, such as our self and body. This is mistaken because our self, our body and all the things we normally see do not exist even though we always see them. This appearance is subtle because it is difficult to understand that this is mistaken. 

Because we assume we have unmistaken minds we are always believing mistaken appearance is the truth. Like believing a dream or an illusion is real and this mistaken conception is our self grasping mind, therefore our subtle mistaken appearance is, the root of all our delusions and all of our suffering. 

Everyone is welcome.

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The Heart of Reality - How to Rely upon a Spiritual Guide
At VKBC or Zoom Online
345 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park, Randburg, 2146
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