The Buddha Painting Workshop with Gideonslight (online)

Wed Sep 1, 08:00 - Thu Sep 30, 20:00


Paint your own Buddha Painting that you can hang in your meditation space or gift to someone special! Let me show you how, with this self paced Acrylic paint and ink painting workshop. Follow along or use my workshop to inspire you to create your own! You can download each episode and own the workshop material forever. (Please don't share the videos with anyone and respect my intellectual and creative material presented here)

"Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!" (Mantra) 

Meaning: May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life (and my art) contribute to this in some way ... 

For me, creating Buddhist art is a way to firstly acces my own Buddha nature within me, and then, in the process of creating that, an energetic container is manifested, one brushstroke at a time, that becomes this compassionate intention manifested. I believe that in creating sacred art it serves as a beacon of light to all.  

Join me to pay this compassionate energy forward as I show you how to paint the Buddha painting step by step! 

I will continue to add variations of this art form to this workshop showcase. For more inspiration watch my free open studio videos where I paint 3 other Buddha paintings here: 


Materials required: 

Streched canvas or canvas board

24x36 inches (or what ever size you prefer!) 

Acrylic paint:


Phthalo Blue 

Phthalo green


Cadmium orange

Dioxazine Purple 

Fleuro yellow (neon)

Fleuro pink (neon)

Titanium white 

Zinc white


Acrylic drawing ink:







White Titanium 

Acrylic gell medium (matt)

Acrylic liquid medium (matt) 

Various brushes

Water containers 


Decoupage or printed tissue paper of your choice 

Gold leaf sheets with leafing size adhesive 


T-square or ruler 

Hairdryer to dry paint faster

For more support join my Facebook group THE CREATIVE HEART 


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