Phoenix Empowering - Spring Renewal Brunch

Sat Sep 11, 11:30 - Sat Sep 11, 14:00

Zuzanna's Deli


Join us at a networking event hosted by Phoenix Empowering as we celebrate the beginning of Spring and a time of rejuvenated hope. The theme for the event is 'Spring Renewal' as we embrace the changing season and the time of renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings. Guest speakers will share how we can renew our mindsets in an ever changing world.

Event Details

Date:                 11th September 2021

Time:                 11:30 - 14:00

Venue:               ZuZanna's Deli, 36 Pluto Ave, Crowthorne AH, Midrand, JHB

Format:              In person - face to face 

**Masks required as part of covid-19 protocol**

Take some time to celebrate the new life beginning that surrounds you in nature in the company of great people.

Support a Good Cause: Angels Care

We will be supporting Angels Care, an NPO that provides underprivileged people with housing, food, clothing and employment. Kindly bring any tinned food, clothes etc. that can well serve others in need.

Featured Speakers :

Innocente Burger

Topic : TGIM - No more Manic Mondays

Innocente is the owner and founder of Perform Forward. She assists businesses to improve employee engagement - resulting in increased productivity and performance - for businesses with remote/virtual teams, co-located teams and hybrid teams. 

Through her partnership with Inspired Leadership, she provides and facilitates a blended learning program to grow leaders who focus on accountability, while fostering productive relationships with colleagues, peers and clients. 

Innocente is a Global Gallup Strengths certified coach and uses this approach to help individuals, executives and teams to understand their talents and how these can be used for optimal business performance. 

Innocente is the host of Performance Café, where she shares her insights and interviews interesting guests in her bi-weekly blog on the topic of increasing productivity and performance.

Cheryl Johnston

Topic : Self-Love, the Heart of it All

Since Cheryl read her first metaphysical book titled, "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz at the age of 15, she was hooked. She was completely fascinated to learn about this powerful ability we all have to create our own reality. This ignited a lifelong passion and thirst for more knowledge on the topic, culminating in reading mountains of books and immersing herself in the principles and teachings of this massive subject. Cheryl is now a Soft Skills Specialist Trainer and Facilitator, with more than 27 years' experience, training in the corporate environment on a wide range of soft skills, including Emotional Intelligence - another deep passion of hers. As a subject matter expert, Cheryl's down to earth, easy-going and engaging manner coupled with a clear and compelling message, creates a truly valuable and memorable experience. 


Phoenix Empowering - Spring Renewal Brunch
Zuzanna's Deli
36 Pluto Ave, Crowthorne AH, Midrand, 1684
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