FAME Week Africa | The Conference

Mon Oct 4, 08:30 - Mon Oct 4, 18:00
Gallery 44 and Theatre


Keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving cultural and creative industries. From new trends to strategic thinking and business models, the stage is set for the inaugural FAME Week Africa | The Conference taking place on 4 October at Gallery 44 and Theatre in the Host City of Cape Town. And if this is your world, you’d better be there.

The significance of both industries for Africa’s economic footprint and employment is undeniable. They spur innovation and generate positive social impact (well-being and health, education, inclusion and urban regeneration), but COVID-19 has not been kind to the dynamic stakeholders who make the wheels of these important industries turn.

Even before the pandemic, disruption through technology was having a huge impact. And, during COVID19, the tidal wave of digitisation continues to transform content production, distribution and consumption. Things will never be the way they were, and therein lies the opportunity, which you’ll get to hear all about at this exciting new event.


  • In the hot seat at the conference is Dan Mace. Dan is a young creative and visionary Film Director, Youtuber and the founder of JOE Films in Cape Town. Over his 10-year career behind the camera, he has directed over 100 commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films spanning across four continents. Join us as we learn how Dan went from an award-winning young director to an Internet superstar.
  • The important role of women in the creative process The creative and cultural industries are rife with their own well-known challenges, but an added burden for many women is the prevalence of several barriers to entry. The main gaps women in our industry centre around three key factors: funding, mentoring and training. Join our women trailblazers as they tell their stories and share actionable ways to remove obstacles that prevent women from participating in the Cultural economy.

Join MC Mark Sham, CEO: Suits & Sneakers and industry entrepreneurs and leaders who will inform and inspire. This is your opportunity to share, be heard and build a strong cultural and creative community at Africa’s prestigious creative conference.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • A vibrant cultural economy post-Covid is key to sustaining artist’s livelihoods and supporting other industries allied to the arts.
  • Bringing your film to life and identifying opportunities in the ecosystem
  • Women in FAME: Challenges, Opportunities & how women leadership can impact on a changing landscape.
  • Your Brand, Your Business, Your profits : How to invest for success & prosperity
  • The Future of Film Arts Media + Entertainment - Building sustainability for the future of the creative industries

Confirmed speakers:

If you are part of the creative industries - this conference is for you!

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FAME Week Africa | The Conference
Gallery 44 and Theatre
44 Long St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000
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