The Hidden Pandemic - CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) by Dr Marianne Kotze

Thu Sep 30, 19:00 - Thu Sep 30, 20:00


CSA - Child Sexual Abuse Webinar

Are we faced with a hidden pandemic?

Protecting our children with knowledge, because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. 


Has a child been sexually abused? 

This webinar is aimed at guiding THERAPISTS, PARENTS and TEACHERS with the knowledge to help children be resilient to CSA. 

What you will learn:

  • The nature of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse). 
  • Why certain children may be more vulnerable. 
  • How to recognise warning signs. 
  • How to react when you suspect CSA. 
  • How to sway the odds in favour of your child to not fall victim to CSA. 

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