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Dearest family, friends, and anyone fortunate enough to have crossed paths with the beautiful soul that is Tania Sabor.

As many know, my sister Tania, suffered a stroke on Tuesday, 27 July 2021. This came as a major shock to all of us - only in her 40's, active, so vibrant and dynamic, and seemingly ageless... We remain grateful that her speech was not permanently affected, but she still could not move her left arm and left leg after receiving treatment. For this alone she will require extensive physio- and occupational therapy.

Due to the general lack of ICU beds, Tania needed to be transferred to UCT Private Hospital. Here she displayed her strength, determination and tenacity by starting physiotherapy the very next day! We were dealt another blow on 1 August, when a tumour (and most likely course of the stroke) was discovered in her heart, and she therefore required urgent open-heart surgery.

Tania has no medical aid or medical insurance. The hospital bills for the initial stroke management and necessary ICU admission were exorbitant already, and that is excluding the accounts yet to be received from the pathologists, radiologists, and therapists involved in her post-stroke care. While the surgery was done at Groote Schuur Hospital, such major surgery requires specialized and meticulous post -operative care.

Tania is doing remarkably well, but there is a long road of recovery ahead of her. She will require extensive rehabilitation with physio- and occupational therapists, most likely initially at a step-down facility. Then there's also the Specialist follow-up consultations and investigations that will be required. I know that many have been financially affected during the pandemic, but any donation, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.

So generous and kind-hearted, we know that Tania would've given the clothes off her back or her last meal to anyone who needed it more...

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