Digging Deeper with Arise

Mon Sep 6, 19:30 - Mon Sep 20, 21:00


Covid might have felt like it paused life a little and yet families are still growing and needing to press into different spaces as children grow. Digging Deeper is aimed at adoptive families, extended families and anyone who wants to press deeper into the topics being explored. Join us for a 3 part online series exploring Conspicuous Families, Heritage and Roots and How to be an Anti-Racist Family. Each session is complete in itself, but we recommend that you join us for the full series.

Conspicuous Families - Monday 6 Sept 2021 When families are mixed race families, whether through marriage or adoption, there are conversations, questions and responses that need to be navigated. What does it mean to be a family that gets noticed or has been formed differently? Preparing yourself, your child and navigating these conversations are part of this workshop. This workshop is for parents of mixed race families.

Heritage + Roots - Monday 13 Sept 2021 Join us as we discuss the importance of our children’s roots and starting points. We'll share how to practically build this into our parenting as well as how to equip our children to interact with their life stories and the world. This workshop is for adoptive parents.

How to be an Anti-Racist Family - Monday 20 Sept 2021 The majority of families in South Africa who grow through adoption will be mixed race families. What does this mean for us as parents, family or friends as we engage with our own journeys and awareness in order to show conscious intent and deliberate action in a race conscious world? This workshop is for adoptive parents and their extended family and friends .

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For more information about Arise - please visit www.arisefamily.org and email [email protected] if you have any specific questions.

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