Shine - Nianell

Fri Nov 26, 19:00 - Fri Nov 26, 20:30
Centurion Main Theatre


Writing the song Shine was a turning point in my life. I wrote it

about two years ago, but I only felt ready to release it now.

This year I am celebrating my 50th birthday in September and I am

so thankful that I had the courage to allow myself to be who I am,

before I turned 50. Now I am free to Shine as bright as I can.

Because "I know who I am and so I let the love inside me take the

stage. If love can shine through me then you might see it in you


I am in love with this journey called life and it is my dream that the

song Shine will encourage others to shine as well, just like it

encouraged me.

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Shine - Nianell
Centurion Main Theatre
123 Amkor Rd, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0184
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