Vocal Tunes of the Cape - Virtual Nasheed Concert

Fri Sep 3, 20:00 - Sun Sep 5, 23:00


Vocal Tunes of the Cape presents an Online Nasheed Concert aims to inspire youth and the Muslim community at large. Nasheed is a form of inspirational Dawa which is rendered vocally either a cappella or with instruments. Furthermore, it is a devotional song sang in solo or in chorus as a group.

Aspire Promotions in collaboration with Africa Rise Youth Development Project has put together an exclusive online Nasheed concert for the Muslim Community. Aspire Promotions have been producing and hosting several events for the community ranging from business promotions to entertainment and event planning services. This idea came through a discussion around the Islamic entertainment industry which needs much support within South Africa. The aim for this production is to inspire youth and society. Furthermore, to uplift the viewers spiritually and bring us closer to the remembrance of Almighty through the beautiful melodies.

Let’s take on a journey to discover the backgrounds on our talented Islamic artist in Cape Town:

Omar Abrahams, age 36, born and raised in Cape Town. Started his singing career at the age of 14 and became inspired to join other nasheed groups through his career. He has now progressed within his ability to become a solo nasheed artist which was his goal from an early age. Omar has now launched several Islamic music videos on youtube and social media.

Qaeed Davids, studied Hifths at Ibn al- Jazary institute under Sh. Abdurashied Brown (RA), He furthermore studied Quraan and tajweed under Sh. Abdul Aziz Brown. Thereafter, studied under the leadership of Sh.Ismail Londt at the Darul Ubay institute as well as under the leadership of Mln. Saleem Gabie at Al Tanzil institute. Through his Quraan journey, he was inspired with nasheed and the beautiful melody of Quraan. He participated in various Qiraah competitions and came 1st place in the national Cape Town Qiraah competition. Later in his career, he participated in another Qiraah competition in Iran and came 6th place out of 200 participants.

Muhabbat, means “love”. A bond that has kept 4 gentlemen together for over 20 years. It all began in 1996 when Ashraf, Siraaj, Ganodien and Tougeed got together and formed the RnB group called “Shee Boom”. The group then decided to further their careers by touring spain. Years later they reconnected and formed Muhabbat a 4 peace a cappella, vocal only, faith inspired group with Tasleem Karriem as there producer and mentor.

Aswaatul Islam, a group that was established from Darul Arqam Islamic High School. They have been in existence for 8 years with 10 members currently. The group performed at many big Islamic events and participated in Nasheed competitions.

Sautur-Rayhaan was established in October 2013. The group originates from Mitchell’s Plain and has made regular stage appearances in Cape Town. Including the Annual High School Nasheed Competition. They have launched a music video in 2019. 

The production team for this event is directed by Aspire Promotions, Africa Rise youth development project, TK Studios by Tasleem Karriem and Inspired creative works (Shahied Johaadien) Filmed at the Joseph Stone Auditorium in Athlone.

Media Partners: Radio 786, Muslim Views, Hijazi Channel, Ahlus Sunnah Media Network

Sponsored by Mother of plain food emporium, Damascus Middle Eastern Cuisine & Shisha Lounge

For further enquiries on this event email [email protected] or contact Amaanullah on 082 265 0825

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