Collide Conference 2021

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Emmanuel Church


Collide Conference 2021 is coming in October.

What's it all about?

The purpose of this annual conference is to look at issues, topics and themes where Christianity and culture clash.

The theme for Collide 2021 is "Escapism". 

Escapism: a habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality. This is one definition of what we commonly call escapism. A variety of activities could be described as escapism, although our individual struggle with escapism can look very different. But how do we understand escapism theologically? How does Scripture approach this and make sense of it? And how do we overcome it? 

We’ll take a closer look at how Scripture diagnoses escapism and what guidance it offers for the way out. Firstly, we will do a biblical overview. Secondly, we will specifically look at escapism and alcohol. Finally, we’ll end by considering an issue not explicitly addressed by the Bible – escapism and screens. 

The good news of Scripture is that instead of just saying ‘no’ to escapism, we are offered something richer and more profound. Please join us as we consider how the Gospel enables us to escape escapism.

What's on offer?

•We'll be having three talks by Kyle Johnston from Jubilee Community Church

 on this important topic.

• Music, lunch, spoken words, Q&A sessions and much more to look forward to

Who's it for?

The Collide Conference is open to all 18-30 year olds.

We're particularly promoting it across the Western Cape churches of Reach SA, but we're open to others attending.

When, where,?

•Collide 2021 will be hosted at Emmanuel Church Bellville (COVID pending) on Saturday the 9th of October.

•The conference will be live streamed for those who have paid but can’t make it 

in-person for some reason.

•The event will go "live" on Saturday the 9th at 9AM and should conclude by 14:00PM.

How much?

R50 for the conference 

R100 For the conference and lunch 

R50 sponsor a ticket 

All funds will be used for the running of the conference. 

What’s next?

Make sure you register and then make sure you share the event.

Additional information

Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy No refunds


Collide Conference 2021
Emmanuel Church
24 Patou Rd, Amanda Glen, Cape Town, 7550
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