Sun Aug 1, 09:00 - Sun Aug 1, 12:00
Dwarskloof Shooting Range


OPPS QRF Crowd Management

This course is for anti-crime group members and those on the front-line

South Africa is experiencing its worst violence in years and members of anti-crime groups who own firearms have been called upon to assist our strained law enforcement teams. Having survived the riots and looting, the communities are fraught with anxiety around what is going to happen next??

While we can't predict what may or may not be looming, we can prepare ourselves to be the best we can be to protect our families, ourselves, and our communities.

Here's what you'll learn at this course:

  • Task Priorities and Objective
  • Mental prep
  • Anonymity 
  • Peripheral
  • Perimeter mark and break points
  • Line control and advance 
  • Shield operation
  • Team work
  • Threat identification 
  • Transition
  • Speed re-load
  • Weapon in Workspace 
  • Gear and set up
  • Tactical and operational load of a shotgun
  • Transition
  • immediate action drills of shotgun and secondary weapon
  • Baton use
  • And more!

Equipment Required:

  • Shotgun - NO Live ammunition will be used
  • 2 empty shotgun shells
  • Pistol & Holster
  • Shotgun Sling
  • Geared up Ballistic vest
  • Battle Jacket/Vest - if Available
  • Baton or tonfa

Dress: Warm, weather and terrain appropriate

Bring: Water and snacks

Arrive early to sign in and start on time.

This Course brought to you by Ex and Current Tactical trainers with LE Background.

Additional information

Age restriction No under 16s
Refund policy No refunds


Dwarskloof Shooting Range
Markgraaf Road, Dwarskloof AH, Randfontein, 1759
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