An Introduction to Laughter! Because there is POWER in laughter!

Wed Sep 15, 19:00 - Wed Dec 8, 19:30


When last have you laughed like you did when you were a child? Laughing without reason? 2020 and the Corona virus have changed our lives forever! Or so we believe… we can choose to be unhappy or happy; allow what is happening in the world to get us down, or to uplift us. 

Laughter Yoga is laughter with no reason, yet it increases happiness, relieves stress, and allows you to have fun.

And no, I am not a comedian! No jokes are told, therefore no sense of humour is required. An open mind (no matter what mood you are in) and willingness to participate will allow you to reap the benefits of laughter. Our bodies cannot distinguish between fake and real laughter, but the benefits are the same.  

Dr. Madan Kataria has done many studies on the physiological, emotional, and mental benefits to Laughter Yoga. 

Benefits of Laughter Yoga


• Improves blood flow, cardio and lung function

• Increases oxygen intake

• Boosts energy 

• Relieves pain

• Increases “feel good” hormones (serotonin and endorphins) & decreases “stress hormones” (cortisol) 


• Creates a mood boost – that lasts 

• Releases your inner child and brings joy

• Promotes emotional intelligence 

• Deepens your connection with others

• Clears negative emotions


• Promotes creativity and provides Right Brain Exercise

• Increases focus

• Boosts confidence

• Helps Self-care

• Relieves Stress 

Let me assist you in showing you how to bring laughter into your life without humour.

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