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The Organisation was established because of a need that was identified for Adult Persons with intellectual and physical impairments. There are only a limited number of Workshops out there and various dilemmas are experienced. Focusing on these problems, trying to come up with solutions, it was then when a Centre environment came to mind.

Having a Cousin, Jamie Johannes, who has Downs Syndrome, and listening and learning from him, the vision was birthed. A Centre where we empower and develop Persons with intellectual and physical impairments, through assisting, teaching, training and equipping them with a skill-set to fit in everyday living within society.

Our Centre aims to let our People learn through tasks that they are expected to do and gain a level of productivity and a sense of purpose. It is our mission to support, assist, teach, train and equip Persons with intellectual and physical impairments, to become self-sufficient and independent, to be emotionally and physically equipped to be socially integrated. We further aim to educate Society about their differences and more importantly teach mechanisms on how to embrace it.


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