IEASA Update - How to Thrive in a Tough Economy - FREE Webinar

Tue Aug 3, 10:00 - Tue Aug 3, 12:00
Online Webinar


How to Thrive in a Tough Economy - FREE Webinar

We are thrilled to invite you ALL to this FREE IEASA Webinar on How to Thrive in a Tough Economy to be held on Tuesday 3 August 2021 at 10h00.

Please don’t miss this webinar, which is our first event in Woman’s Month.  

How to Thrive in a Tough Economy

Date: Tuesday 3 August 2021

Time: 10h00 - 12h00

Cost:  FREE online webinar

CPD:  2 CPD points - non verifiable - personal or professional category

Hosted by Annette Evans – IEASA GM

Presented by Gal Ezra - MD of Empower Funding

Sponsored by Empower Funding and Currencies Direct 


  • How to be an Expert and Thrive in a Tough Economy
  • Foreign Exchange - Getting the best for your client
  • International Money Transfer Solutions
  • IEASA update on the real estate Sector
  • General update, EAAB CPD & FFCs and more

2020 was a tough year for most people. While the hope was that 2021 would be different, many people are realising that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't as close as it first seemed. We all want to thrive, even when times are tough... And so we do our best to improve. But something very basic is missing...

And if you don't know what is missing, what is blocking you from real, permanent improvement, not only will your results be unstable, but you will continue to see the people around you decline. To find out the answers for how to thrive for real, with success in all parts of life, in any industry, join this webinar.  

But only if you are willing to participate, engage, challenge your ideas, and un-learn everything you thought you knew... 

If you are, we will see you on August 3 at 10h00. We look forward to seeing you online.

To your prosperity!

Sponsored by Empower Funding and Currencies Direct 

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