Andi Rive's "50th Birthday & 10 Yrs with Lions"


This is a double date.

1 - I am 50 years old on the 23rd July. This is a whole new playing ground and I do not know the game. I felt lost and afraid of entering this new place... but then I had a conversation with a friend and she said "Own it. Your 50s are when you take off the mask and own yourself & your life. Make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. Be everything you were born to be and expect no less from the world than complete encouragement and support."

2 - I came into the world of lions a week after I turned 40. This has been a miraculous 10 years, but also one spent in suspended doom. Not for one moment have I been secure in the knowledge that I, the lions or the project would survive. It has been ten years of battle. Every step of the way has been one of tumultuous emotion, sometimes one step of courage at other times steps of trepidation, but always steps of a clear purpose and passion.

Following my friends advice, I am changing things from here on out and this is the first step.... can you help me by donating to my Birthday/Lion Anniversary Drive by donating to my project.

My life and passion is Love Lions Alive Sanctuary where I live for the lions, tigers, jaguars and puma in our care.

From now on, Love Lions Alive Sanctuary, all our cats and all our projects are going to flow smoothly in the safety and security of financial stability and I thank each and everyone of you for sticking with me.

I am aiming for $5000

Your support and confidence in me is very much appreciated.

email [email protected] if you would like to support LLA with sponsorships of materials or monthly donations.

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