Business Resiliency in Times of Crisis – How do Corporates Prepare?

Wed Jul 28, 12:00 - Wed Jul 28, 13:00


CSR Africa Consulting Partners and their partners Strategic Solomons and TL Seretlo Business Consulting bring you this complimentary webinar to discuss response to the ever changing environment in South Africa which will go down as one of the most difficult times in the history of our constitutional democracy.  Between political unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic we have been powerfully awakened to just how connected businesses are to the environments in which they operate. 

Every part of the value chain is impacted - your business,  suppliers, their suppliers and/service providers,  logistics companies, intermediaries and distribution partners and ultimately customers/clients, shareholders and employees. This, as some companies are yet to implement Covid19 recovery plans.

There is increased pressure on corporates to respond quickly to trends that are transforming the economy, their respective industries, and acutely their own strategy execution.


This complimentary webinar covers the following discussion points:

·      Business Resilience – setting the context; why is it important especially in today’s conditions;

·      A case study on crisis management in the current business operating environment, demonstrating reputation risk management planning and activation in the past few months;

·       Staying one step ahead of a crisis by proactively building and maintaining key stakeholder relationships, adopting a systematic and informed approach before they are needed, ahead of crisis management.

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