Sat Aug 21, 08:15 - Sun Aug 29, 20:00


Foster Conference 2021 is a great opportunity to become informed about the need of foster care in South Africa. This event will benefit churches, communities, families, friends, individuals and professionals. We aim to inspire all to get involved with the vulnerable and orphaned child in our society, especially those in need of Foster Care.

Children are placed in foster and safety care for various reasons, some of them relating to abuse, neglect and exploitation. South Africa has a great need for foster families to open their hearts and homes to children in need of care. Many children removed from their biological families often stay in the foster care system forever. Life in the "system" is a harsh reality for many children in South Africa.

Foster Conference 2021 is about informing and activating churches, communities and families to get involved with the foster care community. As we are all part of one body we believe that everyone has a different role to play. You might be a family already fostering a child, a family interested in fostering, a church wanting to support the foster care process or an individual keen on volunteering your skills. Whichever one you are, Foster Conference 2021 is the best way for you to say "Yes!"

Join us on 21 August from 8:15 - 13:30 for a morning of learning, being inspired and listening to the stories of parents. The conference consists of two incredible international speakers, a panel of professionals and a panel of local foster families sharing their vulnerable spaces with you. We will make ample time for your questions that you can whatsapp to a number and our panel will be happy to answer live.

Please take note of the following:

  • This is a paid online event. You will receive your access link to attend the conference a few days before the event.

You are welcome to contact [email protected] or 082 9741825 with any further queries.

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