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We drive past Gerard every time we go to school. 

He’s not the only person on the streets asking for help. But when your 10 year old daughter & 8 year old son tells you that this particular man, could be their grandfather, you can immediately imagine your own dad standing, come rain or shine, asking. Begging.

This happened to me.

I imagined my father. Standing there. Asking you for help. To lend a hand. 


That hit home.

Gerard is an ex firefighter, who now looks after his disabled brother & sister-in-law..

His eyes are gentle, his words welcoming & soft. His hands are large & have seen many a days hard work. 

A single crutch supports him, with his sign, his plea for help.

Frances & Thomas decided they want to help him. They both thought the best way was to create a fund that could do just this. They hen also decided that R200 each from their birthday money, would be better spent on Gerard and his struggle, rather than on themselves.

I could see tears swell up in the corner of his eye’s & a fantastic smile appear.

This is the fund. Basic, rudimentary & with 1 purposes. 

In this madness we call life, if you are able to help, food or clothes-wise, Frances & Thomas would be proud. 

But more importantly, Gerard will feel like he has an extended family that cares.

This is the platform to help. A small gesture that can go a long way.

Thanks all.

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