LinuxConf [ZA] 2021

Mon Oct 4, 08:00 - Mon Oct 4, 17:00


LinuxConf [ZA] 2021 is a one-day conference aimed at the Linux and Open Source community within Southern Africa. It provides anyone working on or with Linux and Open Source tools & applications, or with a passion for Open Source development, to discover new trends, network with like-minded individuals, irrespective of whether the attendees are developers, system or database administrators, or anyone else working with Linux and Open Source applications.

Topics covered at the conference will range from Linux Kernel and OS, Linux Distributions, Containers, Virtualisation, System Administration, Open Source Applications, Networking and Development Environments.

LinuxConf [ZA] takes place in the same week as PostgresConf, the PostgreSQL database conference, and PyConZA, the Python programming conference.

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