Hero's Journey: 4-Day Wilderness Retreat

Thu Oct 14, 18:30 - Mon Oct 18, 15:00
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Venue details and pricing for this event will be confirmed soon.


Facilitated at premium wilderness lodgings this in-depth transformational journey combines the latest modalities in human psychology, quantum physics and ancient indigenous wisdom. Release stress and tension, and strengthen vitality while building emotional resilience and mental clarity in your life and future.



  • Develop Mental Strength & Clarity
  • Harness Physical Energy & Centeredness
  • Grow Self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs & Behaviour Patterns
  • Navigate Change & Uncertainty With Confidence
  • Enjoy Comfort & Tranquility In Nature-based Lodgings.
  • Build New Life / Business Support Structure & Strategy



We receive beautifully guided Hatha Vinyasa Yoga classes, moving into poses with mindfulness and breath awareness to stretch the body and prepare the mind for stillness and contemplation. 



We identify core limiting beliefs, childhood emotional wounding and compensating tendencies (dysfunctional choices) using the enneagram. The enneagram is a model of the human psyche rooted in ancient wisdom, and understood as a typology of nine interconnected personality types.  


Wounded child integration 

A process of validating and integrating emotionally wounded aspects of self, thereby initiating the transformation of core limiting beliefs. This process includes solo time in nature.


Power shifting process

An exercise to help us understand how our unconscious conditioning results in us giving our power to our compensating tendencies (dysfunctional choices), and how to shift the power back to serving us positively. Participants are guided through a sequence of written questions and answers.


Conscious Breathwork

A guided journey of strong connected breathing, accessing higher states of consciousness, while releasing physical, emotional and mental toxins and blockages from the body. This powerful breathing technique supports all energy levels of the body - physical, emotional, mental and celestial.


Fire ritual & sharing circle

A ritual to symbolize the union of adult and child self connecting as one, and also burning away the ‘old story’ and wounding, to start anew.       


Family & Systemic Constellations          

A powerful energy healing modality designed to identify, heal and release deeply held emotional wounding and energetic entanglements stemming from the challenges and traumas of our past, often deeply rooted in our ancestry.


Vision Quest

A short vision quest, also known as a medicine walk during which one pays attention to the signs in nature in order to find and clarify one’s ‘vision’ and ‘medicine’, which in the Native American sense is anything that is healing and positive to the body and mind.

During a medicine walk, an individual finds a place in nature where they can be alone mindfully, walking, sitting and meditating. With intention, and being fully present, one finds wisdom and guidance in nature by looking for symbolic meaning from within and from what is observed in one’s surroundings.


Structure Building

We begin to build structure to support the momentum of the new flow we are creating in our lives. A river with solid banks flows, a river with no banks dissipates or stagnates. Structure building includes setting clear goals and action plans, new habits, choices and daily practice. It also incorporates sustainability and accountability measures to keep us on track towards supporting the ‘emerging self’, and creating our new destiny with power and purpose. 



We share the ‘story’ of our journey with our new tribe. Storytelling is a tradition much revered by traditional cultures, as it ensures that the whole tribe benefits from individual insights and wisdom obtained.


The retreat includes accommodation and all meals.

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Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy No refunds

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