A Flocking Circle for Women in Midlife (45 – 65) - 02 October

Sat Oct 2, 09:30 - Sat Oct 2, 11:00


Is your body changing, and your relationship to your body becoming increasingly unfamiliar and confusing?

Are you concerned about diminishing job/employment prospects?

Are you anxious about changing family structures and dynamics (including children leaving the house to further their studies, enter the world of work or start their own families)?

Are you frustrated by society’s focus on ‘anti-aging’ (including how this sets women up to ‘fight’ aging, and the unrealistic and unhealthy expectations this places on women in midlife)?

Would you like to explore, in community with other women, how to navigate the changes and challenges (and the gifts) of midlife, and how to re-imagine yourself and this chapter of your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (or maybe even all of them), we invite you to join us for this online Flocking Circle for women in midlife (45 – 65).

What is a Flocking Circle?

Our normal physiological responses to fear and anxiety are Fight (becoming hyper efficient, prepared, controlling), Flight (hiding out, withdrawing, disengaging) and Freeze (paralysis, engaging in numbing behaviours).  

However, there is a fourth, less commonly discussed response known as Flock. This is where we seek out the comfort and safety of others.

Sometimes we come together purely for the sake of ‘Flocking’ – to reflect on and process our thoughts and feelings in the comfort and safety of the collective. (Which feels especially valuable at the moment, when opportunities to be in community with others are so limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic.)

The value of ‘Flocking’ does not end at reflecting on and processing our feelings though. The increased sense of physical and psychological safety when we ‘Flock’, enables us to move from ‘survival mode’ (our emotional brains) to our ‘higher order functioning’ (our thinking brains), where we are able to learn, to think more clearly and more creatively and to make more informed decisions.

Therefore, Flocking Circles are spaces that allow us to tap into our individual and collective wisdom; and spaces where synergy, innovation and solutions abound.

This Flocking Circle for Women in Midlife – When, Where, How and For Who?

Open to women in midlife (between the ages of 45 and 65). 

90-minute online facilitated sessions (via Zoom).

Participants can be based anywhere in the world!

The first Saturday of each month (starting in September) from 09h30 to 11h00 (SAST):

  • Flocking Circle - 04 September
  • Flocking Circle - 02 October
  • Flocking Circle - 06 November
  • Flocking Circle - 04 December

“If you’re looking for a beautiful safe space to explore this coming of age, please join this group held with love and compassion but also very professionally facilitated. In my experience this combination is rare. My only gripe is that I have to wait a whole month until we meet again” - Flocking Circle participant 

Ticket Options:

  1. (Individual Participant) Pay ZAR 300 per session if you sign up for one or more individual sessions (approximately $21 or €18, depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase)
  2. (Two for One) Buy two tickets for ZAR 300 and bring a friend along!

(Limited space available, book now!)

NOTE: These online sessions are supportive in nature and will offer selfcare strategies. The sessions will not provide medical, mental health or any other type of health service; and they cannot be a substitute for or alternative to treatment when a medical or mental health condition is present. Participants are advised to seek professional services from licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and health care professionals, if and when necessary.

By purchasing (a) ticket(s) to any of these sessions, you indicate your understanding and agreement with the nature of the support group.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or [email protected].

Using Flocking Circles More Broadly

Flocking Circles can be used to address a range of issues, as well as serving as debriefing and conflict resolution platforms in organisational settings. Contact us if you would like to explore how a Flocking Circle could support your organisation or company.

About the Facilitators

Samantha (Sam) Stern is a facilitator, trainer and coach with twenty-five years of experience working in the areas of psychosocial wellness, leadership development and personal empowerment, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), team effectiveness and organisational development. She grew up in the UK and then lived, studied and worked in the USA before moving to South Africa in 1998. Sam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and a Master’s degree in International Affairs. She is a certified Facilitator and Assessor of learning programmes and she has trained in a range of approaches for facilitating adult learning, managing change and working with complex systems.

Jennifer (Jenny) Parsley grew up in South Africa and lived for some time in the UK and the USA. She works as a development practitioner, coach, researcher, writer and facilitator. She has worked and travelled extensively in the African continent. Jenny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Development Sociology. She is a certified coach and has trained in various facilitation methodologies including Process Work, Deep Democracy, Conflict Resolution and Theory U.

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