How to Improve your Meditation - Sunday 25th July 2021

Sun Jul 25, 10:30 - Sun Jul 25, 11:30
At VKBC or Zoom


How to Improve your Meditation - Sunday 25th July 2021 with Jon Morcom

A successful meditation practice does not solely rely on what we do when we are sitting on the meditation cushion. Indeed, a successful meditation practice largely relies on what we do with our mind in our day-to-day activities.

Most of our day is spent outside of meditation and as such if we allow our minds to run free during this period it is very hard for us to develop deep levels of concentration during our meditations. We as such need to learn Buddha’s profound methods on how train our mind during the day, so that all our meditation sessions will be successful and be a true cause of inner peace. 

Join us for this Sunday series, where you will be led in guided meditations and practical teachings on Buddha’s profound teachings. Everybody is welcome and will benefit from attending such sessions.

How to join in? 


Download Zoom. (free). Once purchased your ticket, insert the Zoom ID and Password into your Zoom - Join a Meeting, add your first name, and you will automatically be connected to the class. You don't need to sign in to Zoom.

We would love you to join 15 minutes before the course starts to meet the other attendees.

You are also invited to ask any questions during the course using the Zoom Chat facility.


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How to Improve your Meditation - Sunday 25th July 2021
At VKBC or Zoom
345 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park, Randburg, 2146
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