The Power In Forgiveness

Sat Sep 18, 11:00 - Sat Sep 18, 17:00


The Fix With Righteous is a non-profit organization aimed to help people carry their heavy burdens, lighter. One of the things that causes anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and negative energies in a human being, is holding grudges (failing to forgive people who have hurt us) the purpose of this event is to help each other in learning how letting go of resentments can transform your life for better and good.

The event is open for every person, all genders, ages, and races. We are all struggling with forgiveness one way or the other.

Come and set a Prisoner free, guess who that prisoner is?

You will find out on the

18th of September 2021

Theme colours: Black and White

Arise and Shine

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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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