Essential Scorpion Sting First Response Seminar

Sun Sep 12, 13:00 - Sun Sep 12, 15:00
Kloofendal Nature Reserve


This Essential Scorpion Sting First Response Presentation provides a structured framework that provides the understanding and knowledge that will greatly reduce the risk of being stung by a scorpion, and provide the ability to create the best possible outcome, should a scorpion sting occur in both humans and pets. 

  • Roles and responsibilities of the first responder.
  • 4 Principles of living or working where venomous animals occur.
  • Zone risk assessment.
  • Highly venomous scorpions 
  • Mildly venomous scorpions 
  •  Weakly venomous scorpions 
  • Venom.
  • Envenomation.
  • Antivenom.
  • Responding to an emergency.
  • Emergency Response Plan.

This framework of understanding can be applied anytime and anywhere, does not require any special equipment. Participants get access to exclusive snake bite online resources that will help them implement what they learn. Developed and presented by Jonathan Leeming.


  • Prepare for a scorpion sting emergency. 
  • Greatly reduce the risk of being stung by a scorpion.
  • Understand where scorpions can be found and why.
  • Identify medically important scorpions.
  • React to an encounter with a scorpion in the correct manner. 
  • Respond competently in case of a scorpion sting.

This event is suitable for all ages. 

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Age restriction Family friendly
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Essential Scorpion Sting First Response Seminar
Kloofendal Nature Reserve
Galena Ave, Roodepoort, South Africa
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