No under 13s

Vetplantfees 2021

Sun Sep 19, 14:00 - Sun Sep 19, 15:00

Vetplantfees 2021


Succulent Bonsai for Beginners


This one-hour workshop is designed to initiate interest in making bonsai art of their succulent plants. The program will cover selection of plant material, preparation for manipulation and design features for bonsai results. The subjects will be covered in such a manner that anyone can come away with an understanding of how to prepare and maintain the plants for beautiful long lasting.


Yvonne Hemenway is a life long grower of plants. For the past 30 years, she has been involved with growing succulent plants. She was co-owner of the Prickly Palace nursery in California and has recently moved to Calitzdorp where her passion for growing plants continues. She is a committee member and a founder of the Calitzdorp Succulent Society and is very active organizing Vetplantfees.


Vetplantfees 2021
Vetplantfees 2021
10 Geyser St, Calitzdorp, 6660
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