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Closing the DAW of death & Opening the DAW of life for ALL animals! 

Dead Animals Walking is a Registered Non-Profit Animal Welfare Foundation that works tirelessly against the plight of animals deemed hopeless and on the verge of death due to torturous over-population; cruel, intentional abuse and neglect; and lack of education in the humane care of all animals. We are also committed to the rehabilitation and rescue of farm animals and to social improvement and education of destitute children and families in the communities in which we serve.


We pride ourselves in providing rescue, rehabilitation, relief, primary health care, sterilization and educational efforts, in impoverished communities and farms in Cape Town by applying lifesaving interventions.


We rescue hopelessly abused, neglected and unwanted animals, to ensure they never have to suffer again, by first rehabilitating them and then re-homing them into loving homes. We provide relief for animals who will have no quality of life or no positive prognosis for recovery, by humane euthanasia.

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