Online Rope Jam: 22 July 2021

Thu Jul 22, 19:00 - Thu Jul 22, 21:00


Rope Jams are informal gatherings where individuals gather for the purposes of sharing in their rope practice. These are not play parties, but rather an opportunity to come together for practicing the craft of rope work/ bondage/ Shibari/ Kinbaku.

Online jams are for those tuning in from afar, or for those who are wanting to participate in our rope community without needing to worry about COVID-19 risks.

Important: Please ensure that you are on time for the event.

Online Rope Jam rules:

  • No nudity or sexual behaviour.
  • All cameras must be on - we are all trusting one another not to lurk/be creepy.
  • Do not make unsolicited comments about anyone else's body.
  • Do not take any photos of anyone in attendance without consent. 
  • Do not reveal the identity of anyone you meet in the space once you leave. Many people prefer anonymity. 

Additional information

Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy Refunds allowed (view policy)


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