Parenting in the digital age

Thu Feb 25, 09:00 - Thu Feb 25, 11:00


Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. What are your children seeing and doing online? Come find out.


Parenting in the digital age workshop, strategies, tips and guidance 


Technology is here to stay. Mobile devices and the internet offer your children an infinite world of possibilities. Exciting, creative and innovative. 


How do you keep this experience positive ?


Join our Parenting in the digital age workshop. The following topics will be covered:


  • understanding your child’s use of technology
  • the benefits and potential challenges around technology use
  • practical, proactive parenting strategies to maintain connections with children using the media they are using
  • how to guide children in appropriate and safe interactions
  • guidance on iPad restrictions to support safe usage 
  • the law surrounding technology usage 


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