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Make a contribution to transform Dr JS Moroka Municipality through MICO

Each contribution, no matter how small, it enables us to take necessary position to challenge the status quo together.

Help us to fight for transparency, accountability and equal service delivery.

Moretele Independent Civic Organization (MICO) is a registered political party that advocates for the shared access, ownership, governing and control of the means of production by the community, we oppose resolutely tribalism, male chauvinism, regionalism, nepotism, corruption, racism, religious fanaticism, xenophobia and related intolerance, discrimination on grounds of sex and all forms on exploitation of man by man in South Africa. We remain unashamedly and unapologetic for speaking on behalf of the dejected masses of Moretele.

This is how a R55 contribution will be utilized:

·        Ensuring accountable and clean local governance R5

·        Fighting corruption in our Municipality –Challenging 106 Forensic Report R10

·        Fighting Covid19 R5

·        Building a house for deserving family in our communities R10

·        Food parcel Relief in our communities to the deserving families R5

·        Reviving local economic development and growing entrepreneurship R10

·        Strengthening mobilization on the ground and organizational campaign R10

We can all and sundry to support this genuine cause that will benefit our communities and the future generation, it is through our concerted effort that our communities can transform to the better. MICO is appealing to the public for donations in order to stay independent and to be able to contest the upcoming local government elections to service our people better and be accountable to our communities. MICO will utilize most of its contributions towards social projects in our communities.

“ Champions of Service Delivery”

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