Nahoon Beach Soul Dance

Sat Jun 26, 08:30 - Sat Jun 26, 09:30
Nahoon Beach

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In the time of Covid, there is a greater need to connect with other hearts in a meaningful way

Good vibes of Self-care, connecting with yourself and others in nature.

Guided play, breathwork, and silly dance are all part of this healing session.

Soul Dance uses silent headphone technology to help the individual go into their heart centre and connect the mind will and emotions in a healing expression of the inner child.

Participants share a unique connection, good vibes and healing.

This is a non-racial, non-religious and non-label experience in the Soul Dance, we are all just Human Kind being Human and Kind

Social distance is observed with possible distances of up to 300 metres between participants.

The session is an hour-long and is sometimes preceded by a half an hour Soul Chat i.e a talk about mental health-related tools and tips

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