Irene station rehablitation fundraiser


The Irene Train station is a heritage building situated in the heart of Irene. 

Since covid has come, Prasa have neglected their stations and as a result many years of heritage have been stripped in a matter of months. 

Railways Cafe ( situated next door) have been sourcing sponsorships to assist with keeping the station clean and erecting a 1st phase fence ( in partnership with Isuzu) to try slow the process down. 

The sad reality is that the thieves have found new ways of entering through the Railways tracks ( not fenced off) and have completely stripped the station of all its cables, breaking windows to gain access, stripped floors, roofs and have stolen all the recently upgraded (4 years ago) station security equipment. 

Our goal is to Raise funds to completely close the station off from the outside world in the forms of fencing on the platforms, implementation of Cctv cameras with alarm systems and slowly start to rebuild the station to the beautiful heritage site it used to be. 

Railways Café will be supplying power to the station once closed off and will take full responsibility on monitoring the safety and security of this heritage site. 

Isuzu assist with the cleaning of the station on a weekly basis as our goal is to turn this once loved station back into a safe and well looked after destination like it used to be.

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