Born Free...But Everywhere in Chains

Tue Jun 15, 19:30 - Tue Jun 15, 21:30


June 16, 1976 was one of the most significant and yet most devastating days in the history of South Africa. A movement of young people was born that day which roared against injustice and ultimately toppled the apartheid bohemoth. But the cost was horrific. Join host Keegan Davids (St John’s Parish) and guests Shantelle Weber (Stellenbosch University), Thandi Gamedze (The Warehouse) and Melisizwe Manana (Campus Outreach) for an Isiphambano online seminar, as they explore both the historical significance of June 16 and the present realities of the born free generation. Are they truly born free or are the chains of injustice still choking the potential and the lives of our young people? What injustices and oppression are our young people currently facing? How do our young people perceive the church - as an agent of freedom or of oppression? What role might the church play today in loosening the chains of oppression our young people face?

Title: Born Free But Everywhere in Chains

Cost: R60 (free tickets also available)

Who: Host: Keegan Davids (St. John’s Parish)

Panelists: Shantelle Weber (Stellenbosch University); Thandi Gamedze (The Warehouse) and Melisizwe Manana (Campus Outreach) 

Time: 19:30

Date: 15 June

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