10and5 Lawn Games Tournament for Creatives

Fri Jan 29, 12:00 - Fri Jan 29, 20:00
Pirates Sports Club


Join us at the very first not-internationally recognised LAWN GAMES TOURNAMENT specifically intended for people working in the creative industry.

We're hosting a fun day out in the sun with friends, colleagues and peers over a selection of lawn games - think croquet, darts, bowls AND Boule and many more. The event is intended as a great big welcome back to everyone who works in the creative industry - styling, photography, design, film, copywriting, coding. You name it - if you're at a small agency or find yourself freelancing, come and join us for a friendly yet mildly-competitive round of lawn games.

Create a team amongst friends (4 in a team), or simply sign-up for yourself and join in on the day.

Are there prizes?
YES! But that's not the point you competitive-fool. There will be spot prizes for winners of the individual games and one team will be crowned the first LAWN GAMES TOURNAMENT winner and walk about with the soon to be much coveted floating trophy.

What games are there?
We've got a large selection of lawn games: boule, croquet, bowling, BIG pick-up sticks, lawn darts and one or two more suprises. All games are intended to be playable with one hand holding a drink. There is nothing physical (like running), nor is there anything that requires touching other people (we left Twister out this time round). These games require skill and mental agility only known by people who work with their right brain...

How much does it cost?
75-Bucks for single people, but if you rope in 3 other friends it's only R60 per person (group ticket is R240).

Can I have more people in my team?
You could, but then you won't have the chance to play all the games. Rather split your big team in to two smaller teams (we'll sort this out on the day - enquiries to [email protected] about this in the meantime).

What if I'm on my own?
Even better! Solo-riders will be paired up in to new teams, or make your own one when you get there. Isn't that a great way to meet new people? Or possibly a potential project partner? Either way, we encourage you to come on your own - promise you'll know someone anyway. Joburg is a small city...

Food? Drink? Sunscreen?
The venue is fully licensed - which means they have LOTS of Gin & Tonic, as well as a full kitchen. Come through just before lunch and have something to eat. You've got to bring your own sunscreen. That's not at the venue. All these items are for your own account and not included in the ticket price.

I'm an investment banker or otherwise not in the creative industry - can I come?
Yes, but you will have to play without shoes. Sorry rules are rules.

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10and5 Lawn Games Tournament for Creatives
Pirates Sports Club
25 Braeside Rd, Randburg, 2034, South Africa
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