Dear All,

This is a solemn request for financial contributions from the public across the globe to help Thabani’s family in their quest for justice for their son.

Thabani was a final year student, attending law school at the local university (in Eswatini). He died tragically a few days ago. His family has not had satisfactory answers from the police force despite strong evidence backed suspicions that the police were involved in his death.

His mother looked for him for about 4 days and found his body lying forlorn a few metres away from the motorway. The police had in their possession the car wreckage and failed to disclose this material fact when the family enquired about him and the car. There were no traces of blood on both the car wreckage and the spot where his badly injured body was eventually found. The attitude of the police was lacklustre throughout the ordeal, including firing teargas at Thabani’s memorial service, aimed at the family.

The government has established an inquest led by a civil servant. Some Good Samaritan legal minds have offered to support the family on a pro bono basis. Given the fact that the family is facing a whole government with much more resources than the good heart of the legal support may stretch, there is a good chance the case may be protracted, wearing out the good legal hearts.

The family is humbly requesting for financial contributions from all willing hearts in the quest for justice for Thabani.

The benefit of justice will be enjoyed by the wider Eswatini public who have also joined the call for justice in the land, JusticeForThabani!

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