Psychological Safety:Increasing Individual, Team and Organisational Performance

Wed Jun 30, 09:00 - Wed Jun 30, 15:00


June 30, 2021 Time: 09:00 AM - 15:00

Online – MS Teams 

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Research has shown that when individuals do not feel psychologically safe, they do not  bring their whole self to work, they withhold contribution, become less creative,less collaborative, they self-censor and self-silence. Lack of psychological safety stop people from learning actively on the job to develop their capabilities and those of their team. Overtime lack of psychological safety impacts individual well-being. With rising cases of well-being issues in he workplace, building psychological safety can contribute to improved well-being and performance.The pandemic threatened us both physically and psychologically, and given the extended time of its duration, it has left many psychologically tired from coping with the change and challenges it came with. Individual, team and organisational productivity, collaboration, innovation and creativity thrive in a culture of psychological safety. When team members feel supported to grow, have a sense of belonging and have autonomy in their work, there is effective functioning. This session will provide tools and strategies for building a psychologically safe culture and for facilitating psychological safety for teams and for self. 

This session will cover

  •  Understanding psychological safety 
  • Assess how psychological safe is your workplace? 
  • Understanding psychological needs and psychological threats
  • Emotions as indicators of psychological threats
  • How to develop psychological safety-Personal Leadership actions
  • How to develop psychological safety- Leadership actions 
  • How to develop a psychologically safe culture –The Key Steps

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About your facilitator: 

Mavis Ureke is a doctoral candidate for Psychology of Leadership at William James College USA. An Adult Development Psychologist, International Behavioural Science and Performance Specialist, OD consultant and practitioner with expertise in human dynamics in organisations. She is a multiple award winning Global Training and Development Leader & Coach.Author of several books including: Self-Leadership, Navigating The Rapids and Waves of Life: 10 Lessons to Managing Emotions for Success; Managing Emotions for Financial Freedom and others. Trainer/facilitator and keynote speaker at public and private engagements. Mavis has studied and worked in the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United States, so has a diversity of experience with a truly global cosmopolitan mindset.

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