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Thu Jun 24, 19:00 - Thu Jun 24, 20:30


This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about yourself and the enormous potentials and abilities you possess. You embody a large form of human potentials that if you decide to cultivate, you may not be able to exhaust in one life time. In this webinar, you will learn ways to discover some of your talents and out of sight passions and how to turn them into a wealth-generating enterprise.

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Life is hard! And as if it wasn’t hard enough, Covid-19 came along. Now, many people are losing their loved ones, means of livelihood, jobs and their incomes. But, it’s not all gloomy. You can still find a way in the midst of these chaos. You can still take control over your life. You can still find the path to your next exploits even in the midst of the depression. You don’t have to despise yourself. There’s still hope. But you have to find that by yourself. You to take responsibility for any improvement you seek to happen. And NOW is the time!


You still have very much to offer your world.

You have unlimited opportunities to be great, but if you don’t learn practical ways to unravel them they may not serve you or many others (who depend on you) in a whole lifetime. Collectively, we’ll explore your sense of purpose, in an attempt to help you find your identity in the area you’ll decide to go.

Best work of Life

Service to humanity is indeed the best work of life. You may have lost your job, or just coping to survive in one or another, you can still find a great means of finding and living a more fulfilling life than you are presently aware of?

You can truly contribute to the world around you in no little means or size

You are capable of choosing which way your life goes from here? Take the leap!

Do you need a reminder to know that you can regain your sense of worthiness again no matter what you have been through?

You still can create an enormous amount of wealth no matter where you are coming from.

Get your ticket and join us in this life-changing business masterclass and you’ll never be the same again.


About The Speaker

Chibu Okoye, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has felt the impact of failure but has risen and conquered his fears of failure. He has deployed his talents in the education industry as a teacher and fashion industry as a designer, event producer and magazine publisher. He is the CEO of Chibson Designerz, a South Africa based fashion company and CO Unlimited, a Leadership and Human Potential Development company.  He led many student organizations during his days at the university, and later led the national body of old boys association of his Alma mater as the National President. As a speaker, he is poised at inspiring and empowering human lives through effective skills and strategies he garnered by his experience.


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