ACSI National Online Conference - CSE: Let's Talk About Sex Ed

Fri Oct 22, 09:00 - Sat Oct 23, 16:00


“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27



The heart and purpose of Christian Education is to initiate, develop and nurture a Biblical view of the world in which we live. This worldview develops around our set of beliefs and what we think about all issues of life. This ‘framework’ defines our worldview and then gives meaning and expression to everything we do. It helps us understand who we are, why we are here and where we are going, and is the lens through which we view God, ourselves, the world, and everything in it. This includes how we view our sexuality. There is little doubt that despite this being the primary task of the parent, the school has the responsibility of leading each child towards a biblical view of who they are physically, spiritually, emotionally, and spiritually. The careful guidance and knowledge of God’s truth will help lead children towards a healthy identity in each area. Whilst sexuality education has always been part of the school curriculum in different forms, there is a growing concern about the increasing ‘liberal’ content and the age-appropriateness of the prescribed curriculum. A biblical perspective is certainly not the agenda of the curriculum writers.


Conference Aims

The conference will aim to help our schools, leaders and teachers engage with and understand the full scope of sexuality education. The scope includes the following objectives:

1.   Explore and understand the Biblical perspective of our sexuality, including sexual identity and marriage.

2.   Explore and understand ‘what is CSE’ and why the implementation.

3.   Explore and understand the impact of culture on sexuality education, with particular reference to the African culture.

4.   Identify the consequences of ‘conforming to the standards of the world’ with particular reference to the impact of technology and social media.

5.   Explore and identify the interventions our children may require as a result of the consequences.

6.   Understand the current legal framework in which our schools operate, applicable to curriculum delivery as well as the rights of the child, the parents and the Christian School.

7.   Explore and provide alternative curriculum and resources that cover the age-appropriate knowledge/skills and biblical perspectives and that provide training for teachers to deliver these effectively.


Conference Structure

The conference will be held over 2 full days (ZOOM)

09h00 - 16h00 - Friday 22nd October

08h30 - 16h00 - Saturday 23rd October

Schools are encouraged to host a satellite venue where delegates from a few surrounding schools can watch together for fellowship and engagement. Principals are also challenged to invite leaders and teachers from their local government schools to a satellite venue. The arrangements for each satellite venue will be for the respective leaders and their schools.