Taking the music where it’s needed the most



Taking the music where it’s needed the most

In a small town of Greyton in the Western Cape of South Africa, during the beginning of the Covid-lockdown, two driven musicians, Divine Mahara (the 2014-Zimbabwe’s Got Talent winner) and Aron Halevi (founder of popular South African band, “Freshly Ground”), collaborated in creative innovation, producing the concept of “Drive-By JukeBox”. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, they have had the opportunity to bring music to the people of small-town, Greyton. The concept of “Drive-By JukeBox” is a derivative of the popular 1950’s “jukebox”, in which the musical duo partnered with restaurants, delivering meals as they played live music from the back of a truck. With very limited resources, all these events were made possible with the help of friends and family, donating equipment such as a truck, battery, inverter and other musical equipment. 

This "Drive-By JukeBox" lifted the spirits of the local people. The idea was then popularised in the Western Cape as it was introduced to neighbouring towns. 

The main goal and their hopes for this campaign is to reach out to institutions accommodating all groups of front-line workers, the elderly, the differently abled, children and those affected by illness, particularly where entertainment is not always a given. 

As they set out to share their musical performances with a larger context, they hope to attain equipment attached below, or monetary donation.

To #upLIFTsa and provide a platform for artists, LIFT Airline collaborated with up-and-coming artist Divine Mahara to treat their passengers to a live show IN AIR! Together, they made history as the first airline and first musician in South Africa, to host a silent disco, at 30 000 feet! 

Now, based in South Africa, Divine Mahara, the 2014 Zimbabwe's Got Talent winner, will launch his upcoming album later this year, with Platoon Music. The Lift Airline x Divine Mahara collaboration is an incredible step to the launch of the Divine Mahara brand, and what better way to introduce his brand than with a live show in the clouds.

The talented singer-songwriter has released his debut single "One More Night" which you will find out on all streaming platforms, as well as on his album, this spring! 

Ultimate Goal 

When the listed equipment is acquired, they are set to start upliftment events by entertaining a global audience with focus on the mentioned minority groups. Their aim is to have 4 events per month and 48 per year across the board of minority groups. They will partner with both big and small businesses to support the welfare of the disadvantaged. This will include upliftment through music, food hampers and other basic needs. 

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