Black homeless SA family fundraiser


Good day to whoever gets this far, God bless you. I recently met with a family of 4 and we exchanged conversation. They told me their story. They got to Polokwane back in 1996 and have since been living in a small shack. The father is well known as a hard worker but recent events have found them being kicked out of their homes as the old men was laid off from work apparently due to covid-19.

They have no access to clean water and have to ask neighbours or buy water every day which is not good for anyone, they don't have clean clothing and no proper housing.

After sitting with them, I'd like to ask that you please donate to help us help this family get a few warm blankets, packages of bottled water, perishable long-lasting food like tin stuff, maybe if possible, enough for 1 months rent too.

Please, if you have a kind heart, please try to help, it's not pretty that one man has to suffer while another eats blissfully.

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