No mud, no Lotus! An creative coaching experience (on-line)

Thu May 13, 12:00 - Sun Dec 19, 12:00


Join me for a very activating and empowering self-paced online class , where I will guide you to activate your "Lotus HeART" and claim back your personal power from life's challenges, at the portal of your Soul ~ the canvas. By the end of this creative painting workshop, you will remember with clarity in every challenging situation in your life that these are here to help you grow strong and beautiful like a Lotus. "No mud, no Lotus!" 

We all experience life's challenges and face difficult circumstances that we wish would just go away. We look at other people's lives and compare our life with theirs and judge their life to be easier or less troubled because it's not your burden to bear. Does their grass seem greener than yours? 

By spending time with your Lotus painting today you will recognise that with the correct attitude, any problem can be viewed in a different light. We can see these "difficulties" as opportunities for growth! The Zen saying "No mud, no Lotus!" Describes this perspective so accurately. 

Consider the beauty of a blooming Lotus on the water surface. Deep beneath the murky water, in the mud of the pond, the Lotus flower is deeply anchored in the muck. Drawing nourishment from the mud as it grows to the water surface. Once the water surface is reached it grows leafs to draw nourishment from the sun. 

Ultimately the Lotus blooms with grace and beauty. Did you know that the Lotus is also the only flower that carries within it's heart the seed pod while in bloom? Such potential! 

Welcome to this self paced online workshop. My name is Gideon Busquét-Craucamp Aka Gideonslight. I am a Creatively Fit Coach, and I am excited to assist you today to Activate your Creative HeART through playful expression at the canvas! Watch each episode and then follow along on your own canvas. Remember to take photos and to share it with me on our creative community on Facebook - The Creative HeART (See link below)

Creative coaching is a form of life coaching that helps people develop their creative skills and work through any barriers holding them back in their life. 

The canvas serves as the metaphor that helps you to identify limiting beliefs and or attitudes that is counter productive to achieving your highest goals and ideals.

Required materials:

1x canvas A3

1x filbert medium

1x Round small

1x rag or kitchen towel 

2x Water containers (With water) 


1x Primary yellow (Cadmium or Lemon)

1x Primary blue (Phthalo or French Ultramarine)

1x Primary Red (Cadmium or Scarlet)

1x Black

1x Titanium White

1x Magenta 

1x Paynes Grey

Any other colours you have and any grade of paintbwill do. 

1x white board chalk or charcoal 

1x Round side plate 

1x pen and paper/art journal

Additional information

Age restriction No under 13s
Refund policy No refunds


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