Offshore Investor Breakfast - Durban

Tue Jun 15, 08:00 - Tue Jun 15, 13:00
Spaces Umhlanga Ridge


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Offshore investing. As an investor looking to grow your wealth through stable, secure channels, you’ve no doubt come across this phrase already. But what does it mean to invest “offshore,” and how can you be sure that you’re tapping into offshore opportunities the right way? 


Most investors look to invest offshore to ensure that they have a Plan B secured, to create peace of mind that their money is working for them, and ultimately, to preserve and grow their wealth through diversified investments.


Unfortunately, more than 80% of South Africans who invest offshore lose money. This is because they often sink more money into setting up foreign bank accounts and structures, do not complete proper due diligence on the foreign advisors they invest with or get stuck with a big tax bill.


We want to change this narrative for the South African investor.


Join us at our upcoming Offshore Investor Breakfast to learn how to simply and safely invest offshore, and build a global wealth portfolio without the hassle of opening foreign bank accounts, tax, structures, etc. Understand how we do this in a regulated environment and how you and your money is protected.


We have helped investors from 68 countries (including thousands of South Africans) to invest over $100m USD in America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia, and achieve cash-on-cash returns of 8% and IRR from 12% to 18%.


Invest a morning of your time to not only get all the theoretical information but actually leave with a practical plan for yourself.


8 am – THEORY Session:

           10 Critical Lessons You will Learn:

1.    The Secrets to Preserving and Growing Wealth

2.    Why you should invest beyond your domestic borders.

3.    How to choose the right countries, the right partners and the right opportunities (deals) to invest in.

4.    How to invest in residential and commercial property in the United Kingdom, Australia, the USA, Europe, and South Africa.

5.    How the Top 1% understand the risks of offshore investing and manage them.

6.    The Key Strategy used by the Top 1% to create Financial Freedom for themselves: How to become a Global Citizen... Including how you can gain foreign citizenship in the countries where you invest.

7.    How to manage legal structures, bank accounts, tax, and processes so you can make safe investments simply

8.    How to create a personal investment plan and achieve your financial goals. No matter if you start with a $100 investment or $1 million.

9.    How Wealth Migrate works to support you on your wealth journey. Understand our regulations, compliance, structure and fees.

10. How to achieve peace of mind financially, create the life you want, and have a purposeful impact on the planet – the keys to your own freedom.


10: 30am – PRACTICAL Session

•      Understand how the Wealth Migrate platform works.

•      Learn more about our available investment opportunities.

•      Review investment returns and understand how to be tax efficient.

•      Align all that you have learned about offshore investing strategy with your financial plan, so you can take the next step toward realizing your financial goals.

•      Q&A – ask the questions you need to know!

12 pm– Close

•      Rather than just theory, you can walk away with a clear understanding and plan for how to create and grow your investments offshore in a safe and regulated way.


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Offshore Investor Breakfast - Durban
Spaces Umhlanga Ridge
2 Ncondo Place, Ridgeside Drive, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, 4320
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